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"RealYields is the most intuitive, educational, and comprehensive property analysis tool I've seen online. I'm excited to be working with the RealYields team to provide this great resource to our members."
Josh Dorkin
Founder, BiggerPockets

Analyze with Purpose

RealYields analyzes investment property the way you actually buy and sell in the real world.

It gives you all the information you need to understand your true cash investment and the returns from that investment.

It's not theoretical, it’s real and it makes you think about your assumptions of what the property will do in a worst, realistic, and best case scenario.

Save Thousands
of Dollars on Calculation Errors

Investors throw thousands of dollars out the window every day due to their lack of knowledge in structuring profitable financing structures.

The inability to quantify risk vs reward and the lack of understanding in forecasting cash flow leads to poor investment decisions and expensive repercussions.

Evaluate Multiple Strategies Quickly

Analyze the returns from leasing, lease purchasing, or flipping a property in seconds.

RealYields will calculate all the complicated math behind the scenes and deliver the answers you need to make intelligent investment decisions.

Sellers: Transparency Builds Trust

Bring more transparency to your listings with investment relevant summaries buyers are looking for.

Syndicate your listings all over the web including Oodle, Vast, Trulia, Google Base, and Zillow, or post your listings to Craigslist.